For the very first time ever we introduce you our very own designs printed on workers ‘like fabrics. Clothes that can be worn in the city just as easily as in the island. The aim is to buy less but better. This collection is also enriched by embroidered assets such as albatross, flowers and the girl with the board reminding us that fantasy can’t be confined but is a way to travel in places far away.

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 THE BRAND: Limited Edition Collection designed and made in Greece by using the finest cotton fabrics. Clothes made to become your favourite and most worn item in your wardrobe

INSPIRED: We do what we love and that’s the greatest inspiration. We always look for inspiration in people who reflect enthusiasm about life in every way. 

 STYLE: For us style has to do not only with fashion. It’s a rad combination of the way you dress talk move or do anything for that matter.It’s how we express our inner being  outwardly. It includes all of our thoughts emotions interests and values.

AUTHENTIC: We are Daydreamers. We are genuine to our brand mission and values. We are creators and self starters. We try new things and we are not afraid to fail.