FAQ - DayDreamers

Do I need to register before placing an order?

No, you do not need to register before placing an order. Keep in mind that our registration process is fast, free, and will save you time for future purchases.

What protection do I have as a customer?

We don't collect sensitive data like credit card number, etc. All the payments are redirected and processed in the payment gateways like paypal or bank. Finally, we use a ssl certificate for browsing our website in order to keep your data secure.

What is your Return Policy?

You can read about our return police by clicking here.

How long will it take for my PayPal payment to clear?

When a payment is made through paypal, it usually takes about 1-2 working days to be processed. If you experience problems with a payment, please conctact us by clicking here.

Can I order by phone?

If you are having trouble placing your order on our website, please feel free to place a telephone order. When you place an order through phone, the shipping costs and delivery schedule are the same as the website. If you are having trouble placing your order online, please click here for our contact information.

Where is my order?

When an order is ready for shipping you 'll get by email the order's tracking number. With this number you can track (usually from the same day) your package trip to your address.

Shipping costs and payments

You can read about Shipping costs and payments by clicking here

Can I modify or cancel my order?

Yes, generally you can. For more information about cancellations or changing an order please click here.

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